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Get instant discounts, offers & coupons if you do an opt-in to our website. We have the best quality hip hop clothing available for women. We have different sizes for all of those who want to dress up in style. By opting with us, you will not only be wearing beautiful clothes but you will also be part of our growing community.

Have you seen such good quality apparel for women? We only produce items that are made from durable materials that are also comfortable and light. Our products may seem expensive but they are all affordable. You can even get more discounts if you use voucher codes and promo codes.

Women empowerment- this should be supported by everyone in the world. Women, like us, should be given the freedom to do what we want in ways that we want to do them. It is through our self-expression that we can fully develop our full potential and be the best version of ourselves for the community and the people around us. It is through this motivation that we can exert the best efforts and do everything that we can to contribute to the society that we are living in. It is through this advocacy that people like us can excel and become better citizens of the world.

In the Netherlands, women are continuously being empowered. From Amsterdam holidays to Amsterdam city trips, you can see the everyday methods of supporting women at work, in the streets, and even at home. This is the main reason that Hip Hop Chicks is born- to give women the flexibility and comfort that we are seeking and longing for.

Hip Hop Chicks

Hip Hop Chicks is a national apparel brand that is designed especially for women. We are a company that supports women not just here but around the world. Almost sixty percent of our employees are women. Most of our heads and chief officers are also women. We really believe that to truly understand women, the people at the helm should also be women like us. Hip Hop Chicks is one of the advocates of women empowerment in the country and will continue to do so as the business expands not just here in the Netherlands but around the world.



Hip Hop Chicks had its humble beginnings in a store in Amsterdam. The physical store may be small but the dream of the founders is big. We recognize the need for women to express themselves through clothing. We want our customers to be comfortable with the type of clothing that they wear. But we do not want to forget about style and chick. This is why our main designs for clothing is urban clothing and hip hop.

Urban clothing or some call it streetwear, is termed as such because this is the type of clothing that you can normally wear every day. But the difference with our brand from others is our unique style and glamour that we bring with our everyday clothes. We use the best fabrics available that can bring comfort and convenience to our clients. They are all easy to wear and easy to clean.

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Aside from clothing, we are now offering other accessories and shoes for women. You can increase your level of style with the shoes and accessories that you can buy both from our physical store and our shop online. We will be releasing a new selection of shoes in the coming months so you better watch out for them. Check out our latest line of accessories that you can add to your collection. We are happy to welcome you to Hip Hop Chicks.